Buxus bonsai in 20cm ceramic pot

Japanese buxus (over 5 years old)

Japanese buxus is a good choice for bonsai for its small leaves, attractive fissured cork-like bark, and relative tolerant of warm indoors conditions. It is not hardy, however, and must be taken indoors when temperatures fall below 4 degrees C. The natural growth habit of boxwood makes it a good subject for the informal upright style.

Position: Place in brightly lighted cool location, avoiding direct sunlight in summer. Buxus bonsai will tolerate temperatures up to 30 degrees C but will need misting twice a day. If the plant is put outside during the summer, be sure to bring it indoors when temperatures drop below 4 degrees C.

Water: Boxwood do not like wet feet. Remove any water in the saucer and allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Fertilizer: Feed with bonsai fertilizer every 20-30 days from spring through fall. Do not feed in winter.

Repotting: Repot the plant in spring every 2-3 years being sure prune the roots and add some ground limestone to the soil

Soil: Bonsai soil or soil, peat moss, and sand in a ration of 2:1:2; Boxus does not tolerate acid soil so add some ground limestone.

Pruning: Pruning the branches can be done at any time. When six pairs of leaves have developed, cut new shoots back to two or three pairs of leaves. Roots should be pruned in spring at the time of repotting.

Wiring: Wiring can be done any time of year.

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Over the years we have attended all the major show events including the ideal home shows in Manchester and Olympia, London and  C4 Grand Designs shows.    
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Buxus bonsai in 20cm ceramic pot

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